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I am a wife, mother, and a child of God. I’ve been married to a wonderful man for 33 years and together, we have three grown children.

My oldest son is an aspiring actor.  He also works for a paycheck at a local pharmacy. My daughter, who lives in another state, is married and works as a family nurse practitioner.  She is the mother of our precious granddaughter, Lilly.  My younger son is a U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant, serving our great country.  He also lives in another state.   

I am originally from Kentucky, but I have lived in Florida and Tennessee for most of my life.  


I have had a life-long association (I started to say, ‘love affair,’ but that’s not accurate) with the number on my scales.  For as long as I remember, I have identified with my body size, as well as that number (on the scales).  I believe I inherited this compulsion from my mother. 

At the age of 14, I started dieting and for the next two decades, I tried every diet known to man.  I spent tons of money, gained and lost lots of weight, binged and purged, and finally (after nearly destroying my health) came to rest with a set of principles that worked for me then – and continue to work for me today – many years later.  Those dieting years were miserable and tormenting for me, but the outcome is that the experiences taught me invaluable lessons which I formulated into a set of principles.

The continued application of these principles has laid a foundation for a lasting solution to managing my all-so-important-ashamed-to-admit-it-#1-top-priority-in-my-life “body image and number on the scales.”  

So, there you have it; the real me. 

Liberty UniversityLiberty University


My 22 year nursing career has afforded me many opportunities.  Briefly, my experience includes: 

  • Weight loss coaching
  • Weight loss education
  • Presenter - Wellness Programs
  • Created and presented a weight loss program entitled, “Weight Loss in the Workplace”
  • Keynote Speaker for women’s groups (about weight loss, of course!)

I have a Master’s Degree in Nursing, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and an Associate’s Degree in Nursing.  I am also a Certified Nurse Case Manager. 

My experience includes clinical nursing; cardiac, surgery, intensive care, and occupational health. 

I am an adjunct faculty member at a local university where I currently teach RN-BSN courses.  I also work as a case manager for a large insurance company.  I am a certified American Heart Association CPR Instructor and delight in teaching CPR to employee groups and to the community.

I have experience as a Workers Compensation Nurse Field Case Manager and as a Facilitator/Presenter of health and wellness programs for employers.  I am certified in Weight Loss Coaching and Food Psychology Coaching.  

Among my many writing experiences, I've published articles in Victorian Homes Magazine at www.victorianhomesmag.com.

I am the author of the book, The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, which is the inspiration for this website.

I am a member of American Writers and Artists, Inc.

Why this website?

It is my intention to combine my personal and professional experience, knowledge of research, and passion for writing, to provide useful information for my readers.  

I believe the internet is among the first avenues of information for inquiring minds.  I want to help others by being the voice that provides sound, evidence-based information for those seeking  answers about how to lose weight, maintain weight loss, or about issues involving our food supply.   

If you have a question or comment about this site... please go to my Reader Question Page.

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