Best Weight Loss Strategy 

The BEST weight loss strategy is to weigh daily, according to a recent article at WebMD.  This measure, however, works better for some folks than for others.  The article indicated that this method is more effective for men, than for women. But, the reasons are unknown.    

Weighing daily is best for establishing a connection between eating behavior and weight.  It helps an individual be mindful of when he eats, what he eats, and the amount he eats.  

It’s a simple strategy; weigh daily (at the same time each day), then track the results.  It can be a motivator that keeps dieters AND weight maintainers, on the right path.   

The authors at 3FC endorse this strategy and claim it helps keep an individual accountable.  Further, 3FC states that while small weight fluctuations are normal and should not be discouraging, tracking your daily weight and then focusing on the average throughout the month will provide an accurate picture.

 When and How to Weigh 

  • first thing in the morning
  • before eating
  • without clothes   
  • Check out 3FC for great weight loss support! 

  • Which is your profile?Which is your profile?

    Best Weight Loss Strategy 
    The Evidence

    A two-year study conducted by Cornell University and published in the Journal of Obesity revealed the weight loss results of 162 persons.  The authors reported that frequent weight tracking increases the connection between eating and weight.  Researchers report that they think the scale acts as a ‘priming mechanism’ making individuals conscious of their food intake and reinforcing some behaviors that help maintain body weight, such as taking a walk or exercising.   

    Interestingly, researchers report that, people who lost weight with this approach during the first year maintained their weight loss during the second year.  Some studies have shown that at least 40% of lost weight is regained within the second year and 100% is regained within 5 years (ouch!).

    Further, the National Weight Control Registry  studies and reports the results of an ongoing investigation of successful weight maintainers.  I am a participant.  The researchers emphasize that frequent, although not necessarily daily, weight monitoring is one of the four traits that is common among individuals who successfully maintain their weight. 

    The scale doesn't lie!The scale doesn't lie!


    I have found that the best weight loss strategy (also for  maintenance) is to weigh a few times each week, but not every day.  Weighing every day can discourage me since it’s those small fluctuations in water weight, or from eating too much or too late the day before – that trip me up.  These things seem to increase my weight, even by just a pound or two, which can be enough to discourage me. 

    On the other hand, you may be different.  While weighing every day may be considered obsessive, just being mindful that - stepping on the scale is a part of your morning routine - might work for you - like a watchman.   Just as a stop-loss order can help an investor control his losses, weighing daily may be the best way to lose weight or maintain – by minimizing the damage and keeping you on solid ground.  

    The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

    (the inspiration for this website)

    by Robin D. George

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