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A Clean Plate
is a Proven Method!  

A clean plate - that is, eating all your food at a meal - is a proven method that will result in the miraculous shrinking of your clothes!  Doing so also grants you membership into the Clean Plate Club!  

A recent article cited the population of Okinawa, Japan.  The article stated Okinawans were the leanest population on earth.  The reason? Their diet of fish, rice, and vegetables, of course, but also…Okinawans routinely ate just 80% of their meal.  

You can apply this practice in your own life.  It’s really a simple process.  You can make the decision to begin TODAY to leave behind membership in the clean plate club!  Begin by not finishing all the food on your plate - at each meal! 

*     *     *

Many Americans eat all the food in front of them during each meal. Consequently, as portion sizes have continued to increase, it’s no surprise that consistently eating all the food on our plates contributes to the current overweight and obesity epidemic. 

Make the Decision!

So many choices!So many choices!

It begins with a decision; a decision that is practiced, day in and day out. In a short amount of time, the new practice becomes a habit.  

In my book, The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, I devoted an entire chapter to this subject. 

I indicated that among the secrets of my skinny friends, this is probably the most important secret of all! 

My skinny friends have remained skinny – through the years – largely because they are able to ‘push away’ from the table without eating all the food on their plate! At each meal, they exert self-control over the food in front of them, rather than allowing the food to control them.  It's a proven method for not only losing weight, but also for maintaining!

Put another way, consistently leaving food on your plate is the single most important step you can take to losing all the weight you want – and then controlling your weight – for a lifetime. 

Once you make the decision to NEVER again clean up your plate – this new way of eating will easily become a habit – and, as a result, the pounds will begin to roll off!   

It’s really that simple! 


A recent Prevention Magazine article offered great tips for getting and staying slim – by copying the habits of slim people.  For instance, when eating a meal, stop half way through and rate your fullness level on a scale of 0-10.  Most people will continue eating even when their ‘fullness level’ reaches 8 or higher. 

Check out Prevention Magazine for more great tips.

WebMD claims our parents got it all wrong when they taught us, as children, to ‘finish everything on our plate,’ and to be members of the clean plate club.  This overrides a child’s feeling of satiety and becomes an entrenched habit as we mature.  You can read more at WebMD.

A Clean Plate - A Proven Method

A Very Clean PlateA Very Clean Plate

Interestingly, an actual Clean Plate Club was established in 1917 during the Woodrow Wilson Administration in an effort to preserve needed food for the troops and allies - and to maximize efficient use of the limited resources during World War I.  

The concept carried over through the years.         

*     *     *

Many people have said to me, ‘but it’s so wasteful to leave food on your plate.’  My reply has always been, ‘but it’s also wasteful to continue eating, once you’ve had enough and are comfortably full - just because there is food remaining in front of you!’  

Implement this proven method TODAY by leaving behind just one bite of food on your plate, at each meal.  Before long, you’ll be able to leave behind more.  It will be a real challenge at first, but a fun one!  And, once you start seeing a difference on your scales, your motivation will increase!

Continue leaving a few bites behind with each meal and build up to leaving behind about 20%, just like the Okinawans do.     

Remember this…

“It either goes to waste, or it goes to YOUR waist!”  

A Proven Method that Results in the Miraculous Shrinkage of your Clothes!

The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

(the inspiration for this website)

by Robin D. George

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