Easiest Way to Gain

Everybody wants to learn the easiest way to lose weight, right? But, few want to know the easiest way to gain!  Doesn’t it make sense to avoid the things that are in direct contrast to our goals? Such as eating out?

Whether we’re trying to lose a few pounds, or we’re in serious weight loss mode…it only makes sense to stay tuned to the latest weight loss news.  And, this study result, although not exactly a TOP HEADLINE, is worth heeding.  

If you’re serious about losing weight, or maintaining the weight loss you’ve earned…eat out less! Eating out frequently - is the easiest way to gain weight!      

Who wouldn't want to eat here?Who WOULDN'T want to eat here?

It's So Easy to Gain Weight!

1. Americans enjoy more restaurant meals than ever before – and the trend is expected to rise!   

2. Americans are gaining weight at an average of 2-3 pounds per year.  Coincidence?   

So, what is it that makes the difference?  It’s the amount of overall extra calories packed into restaurant meals.  

And, since eating out is often a social event – we stay longer and eat more!

Restaurant portions are usually larger, sometimes 2-3 times more than an average serving size.  Restaurant meals, according to bistromd, are usually served on larger plates and are often also loaded with added fat, sugar, and salt.  This is all in an effort to get you to return!  After all, if it tastes yummy, you’ll come back…and tell your friends, right? 

Want to learn more?  Check out http://www.bistromd.com/ for helpful information about restaurant meals.  

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According to a recent article in MedLine Plus, a University of Illinois researcher who studied 18,000 people over an 8 year period, found that individuals consume, on average, an extra 200 calories per day, when they eat out, as compared to prepared-at-home meals. 


A beautiful restaurant patron.A beautiful restaurant patron.

The results of a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine, showed alarmingly high amounts of calories, sodium, and other unwanted elements in restaurant meals.  So much so, that the researchers stated this should be a concern for public health policy.

PubMed published the results of a systematic review which concluded that individuals are consuming a higher energy intake (calories) when eating restaurant meals. 


Personally, I LOVE eating out!  But, I am also very aware that I usually eat more and order things that I wouldn’t make at home.  For instance, I wouldn’t order a tuna sandwich and an apple if I was joining a friend for lunch.  Instead, I’d likely order something rich and gooey such as a Reuben sandwich with fries.   For dinner at a steak-restaurant, after eating a buttery roll (or 2), I’d probably indulge in some healthy cut of steak (which has been coated with butter before being cooked), a few ‘sides.’  I may even have dessert!  

Calorie-wise, let’s see how this restaurant meal (dinner) compares to eating at home.  My calorie counts are all estimates, and portion sizes are assumed to be moderate.

RESTAURANT MEAL                              

  • Steak, coated with butter                                   500
  • Buttery Roll                                                       100
  • Baked potato with butter and sour cream          300
  • Salad with bleu cheese dressing                        150
  • Glass of red wine                                               150
  • TOTAL CALORIES                                      1200 

( add a rich dessert; add a few more hundred calories!)


  • Grilled chicken breast                                        200 
  • Mixed vegetables                                               150
  • Brown rice with butter                                       150 
  • Tossed salad with Balsamic Dressing                100 
  • Iced Tea with sugar                                            100
  • TOTAL CALORIES                                        700

 My thoughts…eating out is HARD on your waistline.  I think I’ll mostly eat at home, where I know how my food is prepared and exactly what I’m getting.  This way, I have more control over my calories - and the number on the bathroom scale.  

Here are a few online tools to help evaluate menu options at popular restaurants – including fast food.   


Calorie King at http://www.calorieking.com/foods/calories-in-fast-


Menu Stat at http://menustat.org/

Healthy Dining Finder http://www.healthydiningfinder.com/

Do you have a story to share about eating out and weight gain? Tell us in the space below.

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by Robin D. George

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