Ten Easy Ways to Lose Weight 

These ten easy ways to lose weight will amaze you!  By implementing them and establishing new habits, you’ll see how making small changes to your lifestyle can result in big losses.  

Check out WebMD for more weight loss tips ! 

Try these proven methods...

Many of these ten easy ways to lose weight are adapted from my book, The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss.  Others are from WebMD.   Each of these methods is proven to help you slim down!   

1. Eliminate sugary drinks

A 12 oz glass of iced tea will add about 150 calories, while a 16 oz. soft drink will cost you around 180 calories.

Switch to water instead!  It’s a healthy choice and by adding a bit of lemon juice, a sprig of mint, or some key lime juice, you’ll find a refreshing, calorie-free treat! 

2. Practice portion control

Being mindful of your portion sizes can help you keep calories in check – without counting.  Get into the habit of this by first measuring your portions.  You’ll soon be able to ‘eyeball’ your portions.   

3. Avoid late night eating

Eating late at night, whether it’s having dinner or snacking, can pile on the pounds!  But, you can retrain yourself to eat earlier - or avoid snacking altogether.  Instead of eating, you might want to hit the sack earlier.     

4. Eat breakfast

This kickstarts your metabolism!  And, the earlier you eat your first meal of the day, the better. 

5. Eat at home

By preparing your own meals and eating at home, you know exactly what you’re eating; no added butter, salt, sugar, etc.  Plus, you’re not tempted to eat the entire huge portion that many restaurants now serve!  

6. Customize your restaurant experience

Before that huge restaurant meal is placed in front of you, consider...

  • sharing a meal,
  • ordering an appetizer for your meal,
  • asking the waiter to box half of your meal before it’s brought to you,
  • foregoing the basket of chips and salsa, or warm bread, or
  • taking the edge off your appetite (eat an apple) before going out to eat. 

7. Pick up the pace

Increase the amount of your daily exercise! Try exercising more often, and for longer periods.  If you’re a walker, pick up your pace; swing your arms, take wider strides.  Wear a pedometer. 

8. Leave food on your plate

Take a tip from the leanest population in the world; the Okinawans. Eat only 80% of the food on your plate.  Simply leave the rest!!  You’ll love seeing the pounds melt away once you firmly establish this habit! 

9. Limit Alcohol

A 5 oz. glass of wine (white or red) contains approximately 125 calories. A bottle of regular (not light) beer contains 150-180 calories. A shot of liquor contains about 100 calories.  It adds up!   

10. Weigh yourself daily 

Keeping an eye on the scale keeps you focused on your goal!  It also helps you associate each bite of food with weight gain or loss.  


Many of these methods for slimming down are evidence-based. 

Visit the National Weight Loss Registry, a national database sponsored by Brown University.  The database tracts information about individuals who have lost at least 30 pounds and have maintained their weight loss for at least one year. 

I am a proud member of the National Weight Loss Registry!

I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for many years.   

So can you! 

I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for many years.   

So can you!

A Lunchtime StrollA Lunchtime Stroll

Conclusion;  Ten Easy Ways to Lose Weight

You’ll be delighted to see the numbers on your scale moving in the desired direction!  By implementing any of these easy ways to lose weight, you’ll see how easy it can be to make  positive changes in your habits; so you can lose pounds that won’t return.  

The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

(the inspiration for this website)

by Robin D. George

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