Effortless Weight Loss 

It’s quick, it’s easy, it's... effortless.  

Can losing weight really can be so easy, with no will power or determination required?

It’s so tempting to just pop a pill to curb my appetite or to create that promised  'fat-burning factory' inside my body.

Does 'effortless' sound just too good to be true? It most likely is.  And, it could be even dangerous.             

Although I remember quite well my own experience with diet pills, recently I did a search on ‘diet pills,’ and found what the experts had to say.   

Note: it's not my intention to discuss prescription weight loss pills, only those that can be purchased over the counter (OTC).  

(However, a few prescription products may be discussed in the articles cited below)

The Experts' Viewpoint

The effectiveness of most diet pills (discussed in the MayoClinic article) was indicated with such terms as ‘possible slight benefit, probably ineffective,  insufficient data.’   At best, the effectiveness of just a few were listed as ‘possible modest benefit.’ 

This article lists and discusses several popular OTC weight loss supplements/aids.  It also indicates their potential side effects (some are serious) and their effectiveness.  The article is well worth your time to read and absorb.    

Another article, from PubMed, discusses the results of a study (of overweight individuals) on the effectiveness of over-the-counter diet supplements.  Good reading from the U.S. National Library of Medicine; National Institutes of Health - and highly recommended.  

Here’s yet another PubMed article that you should read if you’re considering using diet pills.

According to the last article, ‘currently, no weight-loss supplements meet criteria for recommended use.’  

Effortless Weight Loss

Dreaded ScalesDreaded Scales

Many years ago, I tried them all.  But, not one was the 'Magic Bullet' for me and provided the help I needed for long term, sustainable weight loss. 

In fact, I remember feeling jittery, nervous, sweaty, and very miserable.  Is that what it takes to lose weight?  No.  In fact, the signs I mentioned indicate that I was probably experiencing tachycardia; a faster than normal heartbeat - which could be dangerous.    

Diet pills are a poor choice and basically, a waste of money.  You don’t need to pop a pill in order to lose weight. 

As the articles state, there are well over 100 such items to choose from which are readily available at your local pharmacy, or even the grocery store.  And, even though some modest results have been reported with the use of certain dietary supplements (diet pills), some have shown adverse effects which have led the USDA to ban the product.   

If you should choose to try these ‘diet aids,’  be sure to read the label – especially any warning label(s).  

Remember my experience; a racing heart, the jitters, nervousness, and sweating.   Pretty miserable.  

The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

(the inspiration for this website)

by Robin D. George

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