Weight Loss Tips
from my book,
The Solution to
Permanent Weight Loss

  • Study your skinny friends! You’ll be amazed at how many more weight loss tips you’ll learn when you observe the eating habits of your friends!  For example, do they leave food behind? Do they nibble or gorge? Do they eat only when they’re hungry or throughout the day? How large a serving do they take?  With dessert, do they eat just a bite or two - or lick their plate? Do they ever mention ‘dieting?’  How active are they throughout the day? How do their habits differ from yours?  
  • Forget about ‘Diets.” Instead, I use the term, ‘weight management plan’
  • When eating out cover the remaining food on your plate with your napkin. Ask the server to bring only half of your portion and box the other half. As a desperate move - make the remaining food in front of you unappetizing (pour water on it,or empty the salt and/or pepper shaker on it). Share a meal.  
  • Never clean your plate – always leave some food behind! It’s the method that began my final weight loss effort so many years ago – THE method that really worked!!! Plus, I have continued to use this method throughout my life to lose a few pounds and keep the weight off.  Try it! 

My story appears below.  It was used to promote my program,
'Weight Loss in the Workplace'...

Weight Loss Tips
from my program,
 'Weight Loss in the Workplace'...

  • Curb your appetite before meals with a small piece of fruit
  • Eat protein at every meal and snack - helps keep you satisfied
  • Fill up on low-cal vegies
  • Drink lots of water and calorie-free drinks
  • Avoid empty calories, aka: junk food
  • Find ways to increase your daily activity
  • Surround yourself with others who support your weight loss goals
  • Build a positive mental attitude
  • When eating out, take the edge off your appetite before leaving your office or home
  • Avoid buffets and all-you-can-eat specials
  • Keep on the watch for more weight loss tips!

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Weight Loss Tips: 

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  • Be realistic –  a loss of 1 ½ to 2 lbs per week is reasonable
  • People who keep track of what they eat lose more weight than those who don’t
  • Use a favorite clothing item to monitor your weight loss (such as a pair of jeans)
  • Move more – get a pedometer – take at least 10,000 steps each day!
  • Watch portion sizes
  • Eat regular meals and snacks
  • Keep emergency foods on hand; grapes, small apples, carrot sticks
  • Eliminate liquid calories; alcoholic drinks, sweetened ice tea, and soda
  • Eat slower! Put your fork down between bites
  • Use smaller plates and bowls
  • Eat your evening meal earlier
  • At restaurants, ask for a take-out bag before the meal arrives
  • Treat yourself once in a while
  • Step on the scales regularly – monitor your weight loss


See a pattern?  Between my previous webpage and this one, you’re probably realizing that the same tips are promoted by health experts - because they work!!   

Do you have a great weight loss tip that has worked for you?  Please share in the space below.

The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

(the inspiration for this website)

by Robin D. George

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