Never Diet Again!

Could it be a possibility?   Never Diet Again?

The information contained on this page is extracted from my book, The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss.

Can you imagine it?

What would your world look like? We’re talking never again:

  • count calories
  • measure amounts
  • deprive yourself of your favorite foods
  • feel guilty for falling off your diet or giving in to temptation

Well, it is possible and it’s easy!  But, it does require a trade-off…

Never Diet Again 

The very word DIET makes me stiffen up.  I associate it with restrictions, deprivation, hunger, and general lack of fun.  For too many years, I wandered through a dense forest of assorted ‘diets.’   I finally found my way out of the forest, and I never want to return.   

It doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want, whenever you want, and as much as you want!   

But, it does mean that you can START TODAY !  

What’s required?

A hefty portion of Determination served up with a side of Discipline.  

But how, you say? 

Here are a few ways to get started…

1.  first of all, start right now! 

2.  at your very next meal, try putting your fork down between each bite; savor your food - a bite at a time

3.  tonight…eat your evening meal no later than 7 p.m., then close the kitchen!  

Once you've made the decision that you’ll never diet again, develop a new mindset.  Create some new habits!  Start today to:

  • be portion-conscious
  • use a smaller plate
  • eat your evening meal earlier
  • reduce or eliminate between meal snacks

Colorful Fresh Vegies.Colorful Fresh Vegies.

More Tips

Experts at MedLine Plus agree that a sensible approach to losing weight always trumps extreme, quick, low calorie efforts! Further, they offer some great tips for enjoying your food while losing weight.  Take a look!    

In addition, the American Heart Association also offers some great tips for healthy eating while losing weight.  You can learn more by accessing the article.   


To Never Diet Again is indeed a trade-off…but the results are well worth it!   

To ‘diet’ means to restrict yourself – a ‘diet’ has a beginning and an end!  A sensible eating plan, on the other hand, permits choices and allows you to enjoy eating – while losing weight or keeping the pounds off.  

I personally have not been on a ‘diet’ for decades!  But, my weight remains relatively constant because of the habits I’ve developed.  Because of my habits, I eat whatever I want, I do not deprive myself, and I enjoy my life.  

Do you have tips for a great 'no diet' plan?  Use the form below to tell us about them.

The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

(the inspiration for this website)

by Robin D. George

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