Rapid Weight Loss Tips

Through the years, I have tried more than my share of rapid weight loss tips and methods.  As you know, I am a successful loser - I finally lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for many years.  But, just for the record, I am not an advocate.  Losing weight too quickly is not smart.  You already know this!   

But, just what is meant by rapid weight loss?That depends on your definition. And, how rapidly you can drop a few pounds depends not only on your diligence, but also on your body. 

 But, you’ve accessed this page because you’re looking for ways to lose pounds quickly.  And, because I want you to return, I will not let you down.  Here goes… 

Reader's Digest health experts offered these rapid weight loss tips for losing pounds quickly:

  • Keep track of what you eat, record every bite.  You’ll come to realize you’re eating more than you thought!  Note what you drink, sauces, spreads, etc., and any snacks. You’re probably eating 10% more calories than you thought! 
  • Eat three fewer bites of your meal (one of my personal favorites).  Reader’s Digest health experts claim you can save at least 100 calories per day by doing this.  This amounts to about 2 pounds per year – which is what the average person is gaining!! 
  • Reach for food only when your stomach notifies you that it’s time to eat!  
  • Spend 10 minutes a day walking up and down stairs.  
  • Walk 45 minutes per day, not 30.  You’ll lose weight faster! 
  • Put your spoon or folk down between every bite.  You’ll feel satisfied sooner and won’t eat as much.  
  • No more late-night snacking.  You’ll save 300 calories per day or 31 lbs. per year!   
  • Take a walk before dinner – experts claim your appetite will be reduced!  Plus, you’ll burn calories.  
  • Eat most of your meals at home. Eating in restaurants contributes to packing on the pounds!  Eating at home lets you plan your meals and generally eat healthier! 
  • Bulk up your meals with vegies and eliminate anything ‘white.’  White rice, white bread, white sugar, white flour…these foods are all devoid of nutrients and are therefore, empty calories.  
  • Eat just a bite (maybe two) of that decadent dessert!  The French claim it’s one of their ‘secrets!’
  • Eat most of your calories before noon.  You’ll have time to burn off the calories as the day wears on. 
  • Brush your teeth after meals – especially dinner.  Your clean teeth and mouth will help you remember that mealtime is over.  

You can learn more at http://www.rd.com/health/diet-weight-loss/how-to-lose-weight/.


Rapid Weight Loss Tips

WebMD offers these tips for safe, yet rapid weight loss: 

  • Eat less and exercise more!
  • Keep a food journal – write down everything you eat – it helps you stay on track
  • Stay busy – it’ll help distract you
  •  Drink plenty of water – water helps fill you up; try squeezing some lemon or lime juice into it
  •  Don’t skip meals - you’ll risk sabotaging your efforts if you get so hungry you’re famished
  • Intensify your workout – vary the intensity for even more punch! 
  • Remember….if a diet plan sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  • When you eat too few calories, you begin to lose muscle – which actually slows your metabolism.  

Visit WebMD at http://www.webmd.com to learn more about weight loss or just about any other health issue. 

Now, here are a few tips of my own...

Ready for some serious pound-dropping measures?  No dangerous diuretics, laxatives, or tapeworms here  (which I would, of course, never recommend)!  Here are my own ‘secret’  rapid weight loss tips for whenever I am desperate to drop a few pounds: 

  • I eat an early dinner - eating early allows me to burn off calories before bedtime
  • I eat a lighter dinner – a tossed salad with chicken or a bowl of soup – the next morning I feel better (and lighter), too!
  • I close the kitchen after dinner – after cleaning up, I turn off the lights to signal that ‘the kitchen is closed’
  • I avoid the salt shaker – salt causes water retention – reducing salt will help you lose a few pounds of water-weight
  • I increase my daily exercise – I’ll walk longer than usual, garden more, or use the stairs more often
  • I intensify my daily walk – I speed up, work up a sweat,  and pass all the other walkers!
  • I leave more on my plate – my #1 all-time top secret tip!!! 
  • I get plenty of sleep – this helps me avoid the kitchen, too
  • I eat at home – preparing my own meals helps me eat lighter and healthier 


Just remember that cutting calories to unhealthy levels for long periods can be dangerous.  Your body needs fuel for energy - and to build and repair tissues and cells.  Depriving your body of nourishment will cost you.  Believe me, I’m proof. 

However, if you're desperate for really rapid weight loss (and only on a short term basis), visit Quick Weight Loss for the ultimate crash diet!

The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

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