Secrets of Skinny Friends

Mom - age 21

I should have studied my mother early on.  After all, she  knew the secrets - and had the answer to my problem; my weight problem.  

But it wasn’t until I was in my late teen that I began to catch on.  It was then that I began to study my skinny friends, particular my best friend, who was especially thin!  

My best friend seemed to be able to enjoy Whoppers, Big Macs, Dunkin Donuts, and Taco Bell…without ever gaining an ounce.  But me?  I gained weight by just inhaling the mere aroma of my favorite fast food! 

After a while, I began to realize that something was different about her…something that enabled her to eat whatever she wanted – without ever gaining weight.   

What could it be?  Was she secretly exercising?  Was she taking some magic pill that burned fat?  Was it her faster metabolism?    

So, I decided to study her, as well as my other skinny friends, to determine just what differences there were between us.  If there was something unique about their lifestyle and/or eating behavior, I wanted to know what it was!  I was determined to find out.  

I began to observe and study my skinny friends.  Indeed, I found that they WERE different in many respects.  And, I found that there were common traits among them; traits that I didn’t possess.    

BEHOLD!  I had discovered their ‘secrets’ to being thin! 

*     *     *

The common traits (of my skinny friends) eventually helped me lose more than 50 pounds! 

These traits have provided a long-term, fail-proof method for keeping my weight off AND for losing weight

 It can work for you, too!

I didn't fully implement these traits into my own life until much later. Instead, I continued to battle anorexia and bulimia, and a dysfunctional eating behavior.

 The Secrets are the Key to  
Losing Weight 

You see, by acting and thinking like a thin (skinny) person, you’ll be developing new habits – habits that will not only help to normalize your weight, but will also help you lose all the weight you want!    

What are the Secrets? 

Here’s a list of the 'common traits' I observed among my skinny friends:

  • They never diet
  • They take small portions
  • They rarely, if ever, clean their plate or finish all the food in front of them
  • They don’t deprive themselves of their favorite foods
  • They almost never eat between meals or late at night
  • They maintain an active lifestyle
  • They listen to their body; eating only when they’re hungry and stopping when they’re comfortably full
  • They think ‘thin’

By acting and thinking like a thin (skinny) person, you’ll be developing new habits. These habits that will not only help normalize your weight, but will also help you lose all the weight you want !  


How do the 'secrets' of my skinny friends stack up against the evidence? 

In a study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition among persons who had lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for at least a year, four common traits were found.  

These traits are:

  • They ate a reduced calorie, low fat diet
  • They maintained an active lifestyle
  • They monitored their weight frequently
  • They ate breakfast every day! 

You can see the similarities between the traits of my skinny friends - and research participants who successfully maintain their weight loss.

You can access the article and read more about the common traits of successful weight maintainers.  


Mom - as I remember her

My mother maintained her weight within a very narrow range for her entire adult life. 

Until her untimely death, at the age of 47, she always ate breakfast, closely monitored her weight, led an active lifestyle, and consumed only moderate amounts of food. It was her lifestyle - and it was that simple.

I should have paid more attention...early on.

Please follow me as we continue The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss...the series.

Up next: No More Dieting!

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