A commercially available meal replacement, Slim-Fast is consumed INSTEAD of a meal, and is not intended to be consumed WITH a meal.  Straight from the can or reconstituted from powder form, the shakes are a tasty alternative to a meal.   

Among the diet plans reviewed in the recently released U.S. News and World Report Health 2015 - this product scored well:

  •  #13 in Best Diet Overall
  • #5 Easiest Diet to Follow
  • #7 Best Weight Loss Diet
  • #4 Best Commercial Diet Plan 

Ready to Drink Cans of Slim-FastReady to Drink Cans of Slim-Fast

How it Works

Consumed once or twice per day instead of regular meals,   these meal replacements are available as either shakes or meal bars.  Snack bars are also commercially available.

Part of a 1200-calorie per day diet, the shakes (or meal bar) replaces one or two meals, and is combined with 3 snacks and one 500-calorie meal. Pretty simple, really. 


  • Simple
  • Convenient
  • Great for individuals wanting to lose around 20 pounds or less
  • Most effective for short term results
  • Satisfying – may curb hunger for up to 4 hours
  • Wide variety of flavor choices


  • May be considered expensive 
  • Monotonous


Does it work?  

U.S. News and World Report Health  cited several favorable articles/studies.  One such study was published in Obesity Research, as follows: 

“In a four-year study, 100 overweight and obese people were split into two groups. One consumed 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day of regular food and the other replaced two meals a day with Slim-Fast products. Over four years, those in the second group who used meal replacements lost an average of 8.5 percent of their initial weight compared to 3.3 percent for the other group.”

Another study, also published in Obesity Research Journal, reported successful long term weight loss results among study participants who used meal replacements.  This study previously reported on one-year weight loss results.      

According to the U.S. News and World Report Health, losing 20 pounds using this meal replacement should take about 8-10 weeks.  


Slim-Fast is a good choice for short term weight loss, and is nutritionally complete. Long term, however, individuals report that this is a boring approach resulting in a lack of sustainability. Boring as it may be, however, the evidence shows positive long term weight loss results.   

In addition, experts emphasize its ability to curb hunger for hours, which factors positively toward its success.

*     *     *

Admittedly, I have not tried meal replacements.  But I certainly would - to lose a few pounds!  I like the convenience of the plan, the variety of flavors available, and the simplicity.  With its proven results, it takes the guesswork and math out of dieting.  How easy is that!

Have meal replacements worked for you?  Share your comments below.  

The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

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by Robin D. George

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