Top Weight Loss Tips!

Adapted from my book...
The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

I LOVE lists!  Here are some the top weight loss tips from health experts to help you shed the pounds and keep the weight off! 

First, my very own weight loss tips for losing and maintaining weight!  These work… REALLY!!  Adapted from my book, The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss:

  • Slow down at mealtime
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Watch your portions
  • Prepare your own meals and eat at home
  • Never let yourself get too hungry
  • Eat breakfast
  • Get active
  • Talk to and encourage yourself
  • Enjoy your evening meal early
  • Weigh yourself often

My #1 all-time top weight loss tip!!!!

  • Never clean your plate – ALWAYS leave some food behind. 

This is THE method that began my final weight loss effort so many years ago – the method that really worked and changed my life!! 

Plus, I have continued to use this method throughout my life to lose a few pounds and keep the weight off!   Try it (and then let me know).   

Top Weight Loss Tips 

Women’s Health Magazine suggests the following weight loss tips. Check it out! Women’s Health Magazine is packed with great ideas for healthy living.  You can learn more at 

  • Eat right – watch your calories, portions, and nutritional value
  • Move – get active; use short bursts of high intensity exercises for maximum impact
  • Eat breakfast – stoke your metabolism for the day; helps you avoid bingeing
  • Snack smart – carrot sticks, celery, plain popcorn, 100 calories snacks
  • Rethink your goals – maintain rather than lose ?   
  • Eat at home – save 900 calories per week by avoiding restaurants
  • Portion control – one of the main reasons American waistlines continue to expand  
  • Sleep – 7 or 8 hours per night; helps reduce cravings and avoid binges
I've seen this before!I've seen this before!

Still more
 Weight Loss Tips...

Top Weight Loss Tips (10 Painless Ways to Lose Weight) from WebMD: 

Add some favorite goodies to your diet, rather than take away.  Foods such as red cherries, strawberries, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes – add to your salad or your lunch bag.  These favorites help you actually look forward to your reduced-calorie regimen, rather than dreading it.

Forget the Workout – in order to stick with it, you’ve got to find something you enjoy doing. Working out may not be your thing.  Explore options and find an activity or exercise you really love doing. 

Walk – when the weather is lovely, so is walking!  But, when the weather is not-so-perfect, the mall or an indoor track is great.  More walking tips include parking your car far from the entrance, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and signing up for charity walks.   

Switch to lower calorie versions of the foods and drinks you love.  Eat low fat/low calorie dairy foods, drink low-calorie drinks (or water) or try drinking light beer.  

Drink water when you’re hungry!  Really!!  You might be surprised that it’ll help curb your appetite.  

Share a meal when you eat out!  Restaurants serve portions that are plenty for two!  And, you won’t feel so stuffed - plus you’ll save money.

When watching television or during commercials – ride your stationary bike or do some kick boxing.  Get active; fold laundry, pack lunches, sweep the floor.  

Reduce the size of your plate and bowl.  People take visual clues and research shows that most people eat the majority or all of the food in front of them.  Therefore, smaller plate = smaller portion! 

Eat at the table – the TV is distracting and can cause us to eat mindlessly.  

Be patient. Losing weight takes time, but the good news is…it will get easier as time goes on.  Plus, once you’ve lost the weight, as time passes, keeping the weight off will also get easier.  I can personally testify to that!    

Learn more great tips about weight loss, such as the ones above, at WebMD at


 As you can see, these 3 lists are all similar.  These tips are the ones used by successful losers – because they work! 

Start today by implementing just one or two of the easier items on the lists.  Then, add in more as time passes.     


Do you have a top tip for losing or maintaining weight?  Share it in the space below!

The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

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by Robin D. George

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