Four Easy Tips
to Help You Avoid Gaining Weight on Vacation 

A Sunset WalkA Sunset Walk

Planning a vacation?  I am!  I've found these four tips to help me (and you) avoid gaining weight while enjoying the beach - or wherever YOU may be headed!  

The last thing I want hanging over my head is the dread of stepping on the scale when I get back home.  I mean, it's depressing enough to return home and get back to the daily routine.  

Watch this short video by Jen Powter, fitness and weight loss expert, to help you start thinking in the right direction!
Don't get fat on vacation! 
Check out this short video for easy tips.

Visit Jen Powter on for more fitness and weight loss tips.

Four Easy Tips

Here's a reminder of the tips from the video...

  • Check out  local healthy eating spots and fresh markets
  • Move your body: ride bikes, swim, play, walk, hike, EXPLORE!
  • Plan ahead – decide what you’re eating at the next meal instead of grabbing fast food on the run!  
  • Enjoy yourself and employ moderation – get your focus off food

Healthy Snacking
(without gaining)

A Bounty of Healthy SnacksA Bounty of Healthy Snacks

Try visiting the local farmer's market or roadside fruit stands!  There's no place that compares to the freshness of the foods you'll find there.  I LOVE stocking my home-away-from-home; mountain cabin, beach house, Winnebago or the family roadster, with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Keep apples or pop-in-your-mouth grapes in open containers in a conspicuous place.  Or, keep a tray of ready-to-eat carrots, broccoli, and celery in your frig. They'll help you avoid reaching for Oreos or chips when you're in a snacking mood.

And, for beach snacks, check out 3FC (one of my favorite websites) for healthy suggestions. 

The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

(the inspiration for this website)

by Robin D. George

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